Richard Posner for Supreme Court Justice

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Supreme Career Opportunity

Just popped on the "Career Opportunities" section of the SC website, followed the directions to see the job openings in the Supreme Court, and found there's a glairing omission: Chief Justice!!!

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The Supreme Site Sucks

Has anyone been to the Supreme Court website lately? It sucks!

Let's start with the domain name:

Come on! Who beat them to (without the "us")? It's not all that easy to register a .gov domain name. Did the supreme court of Algeria beat them to it? WTF? Posner, a fellow blogger, would surly rule in the court's favor of repossessing that domain name. Sparing a hostile takeover, I'm sure the US Supreme Court has the money to buy out the petty court of some bumblefuck state or country that grabbed that domain.

They don't even have photos or bios of the judges on that site (at least not in HTML format -- they're PDF-crazed)! What if I want to know what my own overlords look like? Guess I'm outta luck.

Posner would surely fix this big site that screams FU to the country. "We're supreme, so our website doesn't have to be." Get over yourselves, take them out of prep school and put your nephews to work, and develop a halfway decent website. Goddamn.

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Saturday, September 03, 2005

The Chief Justice is Dead, Long Live the Chief Justice

Well to anyone wondering why Bush didn't pick Posner for the last open Supreme Court slot, you know now. He must have been saving him for the top slot. (Or he better have been.)

Before we continue, a quick RIP to Renquest.

We need someone with some smarts and some chutzpah. John Roberts has at bit of the former but clearly not the latter. Antonin Scalia shows that he's got balls now and then, but it's easy to do that once you've got a seat on the supreme bench.

Posner has proposed selling babies. That's smart, and that takes balls. (Actually the term "selling babies" ain't too accurate and is usually used to detract, but it's fun to say and if you do your homework, you'll find Posner's right.) Let's push Posner ahead!

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