Richard Posner for Supreme Court Justice

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Posner Philosophical Powerhouse

David Brooks calls for a "philosophical powerhouse." His makes a noble request, but doesn't get the specifics right. Brooks proposes Michael McConnell for the job. He makes no mention of Posner, even if to rule him out. It's hard to read the words "has already influenced American life through sheer force of intellect" without thinking of Posner.

WWSD? (What Would Safire Do?)

Brooks's last line is worth repeating though:
Mr. President, don't repeat the mistakes of the past. Ideas drive history, so you want to pick the person with the biggest brain.

Praising Posner

We're not the only fans of Posner. While the following bloggers haven't yet endorsed Posner for S.C. Justice, they have given him great marks:
Have you endorsed Posner yet?

Supreme Court Justice Posner?

Welcome to the Richard Posner for Supreme Court Justice site!

What are we doing running a campaign for Supreme Court? Call us crazy, but a seat in the court is often worth more than a seat in the oval office or Senate. We are not affiliated with Judge Posner in anyway, but since he hasn't built up a campaign war chest (and is too modest to propose his own nomination), we're doing it for him.

Judge Posner is a brilliant and prolific American thinker. In addition to being a judge on the U. S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, he's a professor at the University of Chicago and pretty much started the field of law and economics. Nothing is taboo for Posner, a blogger himself, who has written on everything from sex to 9-11.

Join our campaign! Write President Bush and your elected representatives and tell them to appoint him. Please donate $1 by buying yourself a cup of coffee, staying up late at night, and spreading the word on the net. Giddy up!